Training Partnership Proposal

We conduct English communication training program at schools, coaching & institutes. We have advanced tools & innovative techniques to train the learners. We provide study materials, practice tools, regular feedback system, very systematic training itinerary & certified trainer to make students more confident in English speaking, sentence framing, spelling, reading, voice & accent, etiquettes & handwriting.

English language is 2nd or 3rd language for the students. They feel hesitation, miss words, confuse in Grammar rules while speaking. They might not get a proper English environment. We found mostly schools, coaching or parents are doing best efforts in all subjects except English communication which includes reading, writing, listening & speaking. However, English is a subject in schools’ curriculum which includes literature & Grammar.

We do assessment of the students and offer the course as per their requirement or eligibility. Our courses are for housewives, jobseekers and professionals too.

Note: For 100 admissions, we can print books’ cover pages & splash screen of the app. with your branding


  • To improve academics of students: They shouldn’t mug-up for exams.
  • To groom their personality: They should get more value-added services.
  • To get attention of parents: Your parents should start mouth publicity.
  • To attract new admissions: Parents want extra care for language development.
  • To earn extra: Utilize your infra and students to make an additional income.


  • Training at the safe place under your supervision.
  • Quality training with 40% discount through a systematic product.
  • Learning aids for unlimited practice with academics animated videos.
  • Training by a certified trainers with activity-based classes.
  • No boring lectures, Grammar less techniques with regular feedback.


  • Icon based books’ PDF for revision
  • 2D, 3D animated videos for practice
  • LIVE recorded videos to recall again
  • Conversation practice & exercises
  • Text to speech, dictionary, additional videos, etc.


  • Major training of Grammar
  • Trainer based system
  • Unsystematic training
  • Inappropriate contents
  • Mug up methods
  • Directionless speaking tricks
  • Less time for practice
  • Focussed on trainer lectures
  • No learning kit & practice tools
  • Lack of quality & feedback system